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Faith Reformed Baptist Church Sunday School Curriculum Project

What is it? 

In 1982, after many years of struggling to find Sunday School materials that were both substantial in biblical content and doctrinally compatible with the confessional position of our church, the elders of Faith Reformed Baptist Church in Media, PA decided to undertake the massive project of preparing our own, with the hope that it would be useful to others who faced the same dilemma. Our goal was to prepare a cyclical Sunday School curriculum for use by Calvinistic Baptist churches for children and young people from age 4 through high school. Largely through word-of-mouth publicity and this website, we have received orders for all or part of the curriculum from more than 275 other churches around the country and overseas. At the request of some of the churches using the material, I have also made available a number of my adult Sunday School courses for those who are interested.

What does the curriculum contain?

Click on the following to view information about the Faith Reformed Baptist Church Sunday School Curriculum Project:

Overall Scope and Sequence, quarter by quarter

Ages 4-5 Scope and Sequence, lesson by lesson
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Grades 1-2 Scope and Sequence, lesson by lesson
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Grades 3-4 Scope and Sequence, lesson by lesson
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Grades 5-6 Scope and Sequence, lesson by lesson
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Grades 7-8 Scope and Sequence, lesson by lesson
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Grades 9-12 Scope and Sequence, lesson by lesson
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List of Adult Courses
Adult Scope and Sequence, lesson by lesson
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Description of VBS Programs
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Who are the authors?

  • Bob Walton – The project editor and major writer for grades 7-12, Bob is an elder and adult Sunday School teacher at FRBC and taught high school Bible in Christian schools for 40 years before his recent retirement. He is the author of Chronological and Background Charts of Church History (Zondervan, 1986; revised and expanded edition, 2005), Eternal Values for a Valueless Age (Planters Press, 2011), Making Dry Bones Live (Planters Press, 2011), Thinking Inside the Box (Planters Press, 2011), The Bible Tells Me So (Planters Press, 2012), The Greatest Life Ever Lived (Planters Press, 2013), Defending Your Sword (Planters Press, 2015), Defending Your Shield (Planters Press, 2016), The Road to Redemption (Planters Press, 2017), The Spread of the Gospel (Planters Press, 2018), and If God Is Good (Planters Press, 2019). He has also compiled and is continuing to add to a set of Notes on Classic Literature for use by English teachers in Christian high schools.
  • Chris Walton – The author of the material for grades 1-2 and 5-6 and the VBS programs is a long-time Sunday School teacher, substitute teacher in Christian schools, and tutor. She also had to cope with the disadvantage of having her husband edit her writing.
  • Laura Sweet – A free-lance writer from Midland, Michigan and former editor of the newsletter of the Sovereign Grace Baptist churches in her area, Laura is the author of the material for ages 4-5 and grades 3-4.
  • Rick Horne – The author of the high school units on teen sexuality and career stewardship is an elder, former Christian school guidance counselor, and well-traveled speaker on matters concerning Christian education. He is the author of Life-Shapiong Decisions (ACSI, 2002), Scorners and Mockers: How to Dampen Their Influence in Your School (Purposeful Design Publications, 2005), Get Outta My Face!: How to Reach Angry Unmotivated Teens with Biblical Counsel (Shepherd Press, 2009), Get Offa My Case: Godly Parenting of an Angry Teen (Shepherd Press, 2012), How Change Happens: An Introductory Pastoral Counseling Course (CreateSpace, 2018), and The Sharp Edge of Wisdom (Amazon Publishing, 2019), and is now engaged in inner-city ministry with The Urban Ministry Institute.

How much does the curriculum cost?

The material is available in electronic form only at the cost of $30 per quarter per grade level (adult, children and youth, and the VBS programs). Electronic files are in .pdf format. Those who purchase the lessons may duplicate them as necessary for their own use (we would appreciate it if you wouldn’t make copies and pass them around to other churches, of course). Since the lessons are cyclical, it is not necessary to purchase new materials every year.

How do I order lesson materials?

Our lesson materials are available for order from this website (see tab above for “Purchase Sunday School Curriculum”).  You may pay through Paypal and download the lessons immediately after payment.  Please send me an e-mail including your name, the church’s name, address, phone number and e-mail address for my records.

Questions? Write to me now at: