Robert C. WaltonBob Walton, after graduating from Westminster Theological Seminary, taught for more than 40 years in Christian high schools, instructing students in such varied courses as History, English, Humanities, Math and Physics. He was a pastor/elder for more than 40 years at Faith Reformed Baptist Church Media, PA (www.faithchurchpa.org) for which the Sunday School curriculum was originally prepared. The literature study guides began with his personal notes on books covered in his AP English and humanities courses which he then expanded over the years. Planters Press originated with a desire to make his high school courses available to a larger audience; to these courses, he added two works on apologetics and two plays. When not teaching, reading, writing or spending time with his wife, two children and spouses and ten grandchildren, Bob enjoyed following the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team and working on his large stamp collection. Bob died May 12, 2021 missed by those who were greatly impacted by his life and work.


Chris WaltonChristine (aka Chris) Walton – I am a mother, grandmother, and most importantly, by His grace, daughter of the Most High living God. I have a teacher’s heart (and a master’s degree in education), have taught English and math at the high school level as well as ESL at a literacy center, written teaching and Bible study materials and edited most of Bob’s books. I am interested in exploring more about how people can find their identity, dignity, worth and purpose in relationship with Christ.