Ecclesiology – The Seventh Adult Doctrine Course

The Church is God’s chosen instrument for the propagation of the Gospel and the growth of His Kingdom in the world.  It is the Body of Christ, the Bride of Christ, and the Temple that He is constructing for His own habitation.  Thus it is very important that Christians understand what the Bible teaches about this vital community.  The seventh out of eight courses in the adult series of courses on Bible Doctrine is now available.  It deals with various aspects of the Church – its definition and origin, Church organization, including its officers, the functions and marks of the Church, spiritual gifts, and the sacraments.  The study is an important one because far too many professing Christians today consider church involvement to be optional, too many churches pattern their operation after the values and fads of the world, and few take seriously the Bible’s mandates concerning how the Church should function in order to please the Lord and carry out His work in the world.