Ministry Training Seminar

The latest addition to our Sunday School curriculum is an adult course entitled the Ministry Training Seminar.  It is designed for believers who are serious about ministering the Gospel in a world that has alienated itself from Christian truth.  The course is divided into three modules of six lessons each; when I taught it originally we met in three separate six-week periods in the evenings.  The first module deals with the heart of the Christan; after all, we can’t hope to minister to others unless our hearts are right with God.  The second module deals with the state of contemporary culture, tracing its devolution from a general Christian consensus in the Western world to an overt rejection of biblical principles and practices.  Understanding these things is important, because someone who seeks to speak truth to the unbelieving world must understand how non-Christians think and what motivates them.  The third module addresses the challenge of ministering to that unbelieving world.  How are we to present the Gospel to those who in many cases are incapable of understanding what we are talking about?  I trust that this course will be as challenging to you as it was to the members of our congregation when I taught it years ago.