Just an Adventure Book for Boys?

When Robert Louis Stevenson wrote Kidnapped, he published it serial form in an adventure magazine for boys.  It became almost an instant classic, and since its publication has been enjoyed by boys, girls, and adults as well.  The book is the latest to be added to the literature section of the website.  Be sure not to miss its insights into human relationships, especially as it deals with themes of pride and forgiveness.

Combating Today’s Culture

My adult Sunday School course on Combating the Culture was written about twenty years ago.  In the process of reviewing our Sunday School curriculum, I have updated sections of this course and added a few references to contemporary issues that were not on the horizon in the 1990s.  The culture in which we live may be constantly changing, but God and His Word are eternal and immutable.

Is Frodo the Only One to Throw Away a Treasure Desired by Everyone Because It Is Evil?

John Steinbeck’s The Pearl, based on an old Mexican fable, also deals with the destructive power of an object of great value that everyone wants.  Steinbeck does not write from a Christian perspective, but this deceptively simple story shows great insight into human nature and the ways in which temptation can come to dominate even the most innocent of people.  This most recent addition to the literature website applies biblical teachings and principles to what Steinbeck calls a parable, compared by many critics to the parables of Jesus.