What’s New?

The big news is the launching of a new website, something far nicer than my amateurish efforts that have served for the last two decades or more. The website was designed by my niece, graphic designer Rebecca Evans (www.rebeccaevans.net). I trust you find it both more attractive and easier to use than the old one.

The most recent addition to the Planters Press list of publications are Defending Your Sword: Responding to Attacks on the Bible, which seeks to provide a resource for Christians in a society where the Scriptures are too often discounted as full of errors and contradictions, and Defending Your Shield: Responding to Attacks on the Uniqueness of Christianity, which provides answers to the charges that Christianity is derived from other Ancient Near Eastern religions, is no different from other world religions, and, like other religions is morally deficient and has a harmful effect on the modern world.

As far as the Sunday School curriculum is concerned, the most recent addition is an adult course on Major World Religions, which is incorporated in its entirety in Defending Your Shield. I’m also in the process of reviewing, revising, and reformatting the entire curriculum. Most of the changes so far have been cosmetic, but a few are significant, including changes in 7-8I1#1, completely rewriting 7-8II1#1-4, inserting another parable not previously covered in 9-12I4#6, revising 9-12III1#1, updating and revising 9-12III2, and replacing 9-12III2#10. More changes will be forthcoming as I continue the review process. I have also found it necessary, after more than a decade at the same price, to increase the cost of the curriculum to $30 per quarter (or adult course); the material will no longer be available in hard copy.

The most recent works added to the Literature website are John Webster’s The Duchess of Malfi, John Galsworthy’s The Forsyte Saga, and Tom Stoppard’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.