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Thinking Inside the Box

ISBN: 9780615539508

About This Book

Thinking Inside the Box contains the author’s Christian Perspective course, a survey of academic disciplines students are likely to encounter in college.  Thirteen disciplines are included, broken down into sections on the Humanities, the Social Sciences, the Natural Sciences, and the Fine Arts.  Each discipline is examined with the intention of distinguishing between biblical and secular worldviews in approaching the subject.  Readers are taught to look for unstated assumptions and discern how those assumptions lead to the conclusions that are presented by professors and textbook writers.  Everyone has a worldview, a set of presuppositions, often unstated and sometimes unconscious, that provides the picture frame through which he interprets reality.  For the Christian, this worldview must be derived from the Scriptures – God’s revelation is the box through which we view the world as we seek to “think God’s thoughts after Him.”  196 pages,$13.95.