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The Greatest Life Ever Lived: A Survey of the Life of Christ

ISBN: 9781490501468

About This Book

The Greatest Life Ever Lived is an expanded version of the author’s Life of Christ course.  It is based on a harmony of the Gospels that weaves together the four Gospel narratives into a continuous account of the life and ministry of Christ.  The book attempts to clarify puzzling questions often asked by those who would challenge the authenticity of the Gospels or claim that they contradict one another while also incorporating historical and cultural background information that enlightens the stories of Jesus’ life and His teachings.  Practical applications of Jesus’ sermons and parables as well as the events of His life are included, emphasizing His saving work on the Cross and how everything in the Gospels points toward and leads up to that climactic saving work.  Indexes of Scripture references, names and places, and important terms are included.  244 pages, $15.95.