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The Bible Tells Me So: A Survey of Bible Doctrine

ISBN: 9781478257783

About This Book

The Bible Tells Me So is an expanded version of the author’s Bible Doctrine course.  It covers the foundational teachings of God’s Word topically, beginning with the Doctrine of Scripture, then moving on to the Doctrine of God, then Christ, then the Holy Spirit.  Having examined what the God has revealed about Himself in His Word, the text then turns to the Doctrine of Man (including the Doctrine of Sin), the Doctrine of Salvation, and then finishes by examining the Doctrine of the Church and Eschatology, the Doctrine of Last Things.  Special features include “So What?” boxes addressing the practical applications of some of the more obscure doctrines of the faith along with “Highlights from History” boxes discussing the historical contexts in which various doctrinal disputes arose and the ways in which they were resolved by the Church.  302 pages, $18.95.