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Making Dry Bones Live

ISBN: 9780615539492

About This Book

Making Dry Bones Live contains the author’s Church History course.  The book covers the Ancient Church (to 476), the Medieval Church (476-1517), the Protestant Reformation (1517-1648), the Modern European Church (from 1648), and the American Church (from 1607).  The book’s forty-five chapters are suitable for classroom use; the text also includes study and review questions for students. The author attempts to bring the history of the Christian Church to life, not only by telling exciting stories of Christians of the past, but also by explaining doctrinal issues with which the Church has grappled and seeking to apply the lessons of the past to the reader of the present.  The text is suitable for pastors and laymen and for teachers and students in Christian schools, Sunday Schools, and home schools.  A teacher’s manual is available free of charge from the author in electronic format with the order of ten copies or more.  538 pages,$24.95.