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Eternal Values for a Valueless Age

ISBN: 9780615539485

About This Book

Eternal Values for a Valueless Age contains the author’s Christian Ethics course in book form.  The book is a survey of the Ten Commandments, beginning with an introductory chapter that examines and critiques various unbiblical approaches to ethical decision-making, then contrasts them with fundamental biblical principles.  Each succeeding chapter focuses on one of the commandments in the Decalogue, opening with background material that will help the reader understand the ideas behind each commandment, then treating a series of practical and/or controversial issues associated with it.  The book is intended, not only to help readers who desire to follow Christ to think through some of the great issues of the day from a biblical perspective, but also to enable them to articulate principles of Christian morality in a society that increasingly rejects those principles.  240 pages,$15.95.