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Defending Your Sword: Responding to Attacks on the Bible

ISBN: 9781519790590

About This Book

Defending Your Sword is the first book published by Planters Press that is not based on one of the author’s high school courses.  It was written as a resource for Christians who encounter skeptics who claim that the Bible is full of errors, that it contradicts itself, and that it therefore cannot be inspired by God.  The book is divided into three sections.  The first addresses fundamental issues like the importance of worldview, the matter of origins, the existence of God, the problem of knowledge, and the relationship of Christianity to science.  The main body of the book deals with questions concerning the biblical manuscripts, the formation of the canon, authorship, date, accuracy, consistency, miracles, inspiration, and the role of faith.  In the final section, the author seeks to get behind the presentation problems and arguments and examine the personal experiences and moral issues that often underlie rejection of the Bible.  205 pages, $9.95.