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Defending Your Shield: Responding to Attacks on the Uniqueness of Christianity

ISBN: 9781533610515

About This Book

Defending Your Shield continues the work begun in Defending Your Sword in that it seeks to answer objections raised against the uniqueness of Christianity.  Have you ever encountered arguments like the following?  Ancient Near Eastern religions all had creation and flood stories and legends of gods coming to earth, dying, and rising again; Christianity just borrowed from them.  All religions are basically man-made and are derived from the cultural environment in which they arose.  All religions are basically the same because they are different ways of worshiping the same Ultimate Reality; it doesn’t really matter what religion you practice as long as it meets your needs.  All religions are essentially harmful; they are relics of our primitive past and we are quickly evolving beyond the need for them.  How can Christians claim to have the truth when they are divided into thousands of denominations and can’t even agree among themselves?  This book is a resource for responding to these and other challenges.  335 pages, $14.95.